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Soul Retrieval

Come experience the ancient healing practice of the soul retrieval ceremony. Receive the gifts of your returned wholeness and find a renewed passion for life. Using shamanic practices, restore your vital essence and lead a healthier life. To set up a personal soul retrieval session with Ann, click on consultations.

Soul Retrieval Personal Narrative

Soul Retrevial Shamanic Alter Ann Drucker

"I had searched for over 30 years, ever since I was a teenager, to find a sense of happiness and completeness within myself.

I received Soul Retrievals in 3 sessions and can honestly say that I feel that I have completed my journey to find wholeness. The retrieval was about the returning of a part of my Soul back to me. I now feel that I can handle any situation that comes my way."

-Carol O.

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Recommended reading: Soul Retrieval by Sandra Ingerman

Ann and her dog Indigo

Ann Drucker with her dog Indigo